Project: Onshore Pipielines and LNG Project

Spiecapag,a subsidiary of Entrepose Contracting specialising in onshore pipelines, is carrying out its largest-ever project, a 450 km pipeline for Exxon Mobil, in Papua-New Guinea.


In addition to engineering and construction of the gas pipeline, the $800 million project includes installation of associated equipment (optical fibre, power lines) and construction of some 20 km of access roads. The site configuration – mountains and swamps, for the most part devoid of infrastructure – and unfavourable weather conditions have compounded the project’s complexity.


The PNG LNG project provides for the construction of LNG production and processing facilities and onshore and offshore pipelines. The participants in the project are Exxon Mobil Corporation (including Esso Highlands Limited, 33.2%, as operator), Oil Search Limited (29.0%), Independent Public Business Corporation (16%), Santos Limited (13.5%), Nippon Oil Exploration (4.0%), Mineral Resources Development Company (2.8%) and Petromin PNG Holdings Limited (0.2%).


The Spiecapag contract covers engineering, supply of equipment, and construction and installation of an onshore pipeline network with a length of about 450 kilometres.  Spiecapag will be in charge of all aspects of project safety and will be subject to the sector’s most stringent environmental restrictions.