Project: Charanka Solar Park, India

590 MW capacity of “Solar Park” is located at village Charanka, District Patan in Gujarat spread across 5,384 acres of unused land. The integrated “Solar Park” has state of art infrastructure with provision to harness rain water besides power evacuation at the door steps. Installed capacity of 224MW Solar Project have been commissioned by 20 developers. The capacity will be enhanced by another 50MW by the end of this year, thus putting the installed capacity as 274MW., accounting to 25% of total Solar generation developed India. Solar Park has also capacity to generate 100 MW of Wind Power and already two Wind Mills, each of 2.1 MW has been commissioned making the Park, biggest solar-wind hybrid Park in the world. “Solar Park” also accounts for 3,42,400 tons Carbon Emission Reductions (CERs) which is one of the largest CERs contributing Project in the Renewable Energy Sector.

“Gujarat Solar Park” has been one of the most innovative projects in the Solar Energy Sector having large concentration/cluster of Solar Power generating units at single location, thereby reducing cost substantially (40%), and bringing down lower Solar Tariff to pave way for large scale development of Solar Power Projects.