Our Offerings

Opus Magna Construction Services

Opus Magna has rich experience in executing civil, electrical, mechanical and water works for multiple industries like steel, power, metals, etc. The business unit has the in-house design and engineering capabilities and employs advanced construction methods to execute complex projects in diverse terrains. The company has become one of the leading players in world’s construction sector by delivering projects on time. The business unit is currently executing various construction projects.

Offerings Include:

Service Offering Global Offering
Opus Magna Homes Yes
Opus Magna Commercial Hubs Yes
Opus Magna Civil Projects Yes

Within Civil Projects Opus Magna has done a number of noteworthy projects which includes:

  1. Construction and repair works of National Highways
  2. Construction of Captive Power Plants
  3. Automated Car Parks
  4. Private Fire Station
  5. Setup of Solar Power Plants
  6. Repair and Management of Sewage Treatment Plants

We are working as one of the partners in setting up of Smart Cities in India with DLF India and Tata Homes (the biggest construction companies in India).


Opus Magna Energy Power Co Pvt Ltd

Offerings Include:

Service Offering Global Offering
Opus Magna Green Power (OMGP) Yes
Opus Magna Solar Limited (OMSL) Yes

Opus Magna is also an Independent Power Producer having established wind farms of aggregate megawatt capacity.The then Merrill Lynch had invested 150,000 USD in our wind energy business company in 2007, and that’s the time we got into the export market as well. At present it is generating over 200 MW of energy using renewable sources.


Opus Magna Agro Machineries & Chemicals Pvt Ltd

Offerings Include:

Service Offering Global Offering
Opus Magna Agro Machinery (OMAM) Yes
Opus Magna Crop Management (OMCP) Yes

Opus Magna Agro Machinery was established as a wholly owned subsidiary of Opus Magna Group for manufacture of agricultural machinery specifically Power Tillers and Diesel Engines. Total work force at present is 567.

Opus Magna Crop Management was incorporate in the year 2011 and created small pesticides formulation unit with a capacity of 2 KL per day EC formulation and packing. Now, with 6 years of experience, in the year march 2017, OPCM have Pesticides formulation and packing facilities with more than 150 KL/MT capacity per day with wide range of formulations, two units producing only Insecticides, Fungicides, Bio-fertilizers etc.