Opus Magna Energy

Opus Magna Energy

Service Offering Global Offering
Opus Magna Green Power (OMGP) Yes
Opus Magna Solar Limited (OMSL) Yes

Opus Magna is also an Independent Power Producer having established wind farms of aggregate megawatt capacity.The then Merrill Lynch had invested 150,000 USD in our wind energy business company in 2007, and that’s the time we got into the export market as well. At present it is generating over 200 MW of energy using renewable sources.


The biomass power business focuses primarily on the development and operation of multi-fuel biomass-based power plants that generate electricity from agri – residues and waste from agriculture crops, forestry and related industries, such as rice, mustard and soya bean husks, straw, cotton and maize stalks, coconut and ground nut shells, wood chips, poultry litter, and bagasse.

OMEP targets regions with sufficient availability of biomass, favorable incentives for renewable energy companies, attractive tariff structures and a shortage of electricity supply. The company currently operates Eleven biomass plants and one biogas plant with an aggregate installed capacity of 200 MW in multiple places.

Wind Energy

One of the top two independent operators and developers of wind farms in Europe and India based on aggregate installed capacity – the wind energy business focuses on the development and operation of wind farms in India, Europe and South Asia. The flow of wind and wind speeds has an important bearing on generation capacity. Opus Magna has years of experience in determining the best location and putting up wind turbines for maximum efficiency. Even the design of our wind turbines is optimized to get the best out of low wind speeds at varying points during the year.

In the international market, projects have commenced in Sri Lanka and Croatia.